diverse vocabulary to express idea

Advanced II (Business English)


  • Candidate is able to conduct daily business transactions in English.
  • Candidate applies tenses with a high degree of accuracy and uses diverse vocabulary to express ideas.
  • Candidate’s speech is natural in pace and spontaneity.
  • Candidate has ability to justify viewpoint, agree and disagree tactfully, negotiate and persuade while applying pertinent and precise terminology.
  • Course aims to render speech more refined and render the candidate more spontaneous in negotiation tactics


  • Description of events and narrations using very precise timelines
  • Expressing regret, suppositions and hypothetical outcomes in the past
  • Negotiation tactics and expression formulas practiced in debates
  • Spontaneously take opposite positions on controversial subjects
  • Handling complaints in appropriate communication manner
  • Varying stress and intonation to affect meaning
  • Making conclusions (may have been, must have been.)

Grammar and Verb Tense Objectives

  • Review of Past participles and their usage in different contexts
  • Past perfect and past perfect progressive
  • Future perfect and future perfect progressive
  • Past conditional 
  • Passive voice form used in complex verb tenses
  • Degrees of certainty (using modals in past and present)

Vocabulary and Expressions

  • Vocabulary used in business correspondence: Expressing regret, reassurance, obligation, satisfaction, and restrictions.
  • Complex conjunctions: in spite of, hence, nevertheless
  • Vocabulary used in projections and forecasts: to scope a project, to gauge performance, factor in variables and overhead…
  • Technical terminology used in industry-specific or function- specific reports and transactions

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY - assessment and evaluation

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