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is designed to keep learners motivated



English/French/Spanish Business

Learn through interaction:

  • Grammatical aspects and verb tenses taught through context and drilled through repetition;
  • Commonly used vocabulary and expressions taught and mastered through word-study games and activities;
  • Role-play simulations (tailored to your company’s work-related topics).

Apply business principles:

  • Explain your ideas more effectively;
  • Put the principles of business into practice at all skill levels;
  • Develop your ease and fluency in business communications;
  • Interact within different social settings.

All courses are adapted to the different levels and are certified by Emploi-Québec.


Build your corporate image, develop your passive and active skills in business communications.

Intermediate to advanced levels

Business language courses focus on the learners’ commercial activity and work background combined with general language instruction to reach the required level of fluency.

Linguistic progress in the areas of:

  • Negotiations;
  • Presentations;
  • Interviewing techniques;
  • Written business correspondence;
  • Tone and formality;
  • Ease of communication;
  • Awareness of structural and functional language;
  • Confidence in meetings and gatherings.

An interactive environment:

  • Simulated business situations and role-plays;
  • Targeted business vocabulary exercises;
  • A flexible approach, led by learners’ goals, pace and learning style.


Our short immersion workshops have been proven to facilitate and accelerate the acquisition of the technical and specialized aspects of a second language. Our candidates obtain the skills and practices necessary to provide added value to their business.

Our Skills Acquisition Workshops

  • Sales and negotiation language;
  • Strategies and techniques for customer service;
  • Presentations;
  • Meeting-specific language;
  • Administrative writing.


Virtual and blended learning courses are an alternative to traditional language courses. It offers a personalize training solution for participants with demanding schedules or in remote area.

  • Convenient and flexible schedules;
  • Combination of remote and in-person sessions;
  • Preferred online apps – TEAMS, ZOOM, GOOGLE Meets and WEBEX.

On-site and Virtual Language training

Throughout the years, we have witnessed an increasing demand for a variety of courses from all types of industries.  Our tailor-made training allows you to choose different components from all the courses offered and allocate the time needed for each. Our approach is designed to keep learners motivated by allowing them to communicate in the target language immediately!

  • Conversation
  • Business
  • Workshops
  • Virtual Learning

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