We offer consultation services

for a wide variety of linguistic skills and training issues.



Shakespeare School optimizes your investment by assessing the language skills of potential candidates to facilitate the selection process and enable you to make an informed hiring decision.

  • Analysis of bilingualism required for specific positions;
  • Analysis of various language competencies: comprehension, communication strategies, writing skills, elements in business functions.

 Assessment Tools

  • Interactive evaluation methods;
  • Practical oral and written language tests;
  • Customized recruiting tests;
  • Attestation of current language proficiency.

A successful recruitment begins with the analysis and establishment of the language levels required to fill specific positions within the company.


Language needs and objectives vary between industries and departments.

Ecole Shakespeare has gained a reputation of excellence for personalized language training. We use an individually designed approach adapted to company-specific requirements.

We proceed as follows:

  • Assess your company’s current and future needs;
  • Evaluate current language proficiency level;
  • Determine suitable instructional approach;
  • Produce customized report of evaluation and submit proposal;
  • Determine schedule of courses to suit client convenience and availability.

Ecole Shakespeare is accredited by Emploi-Québec as a corporate second-language services


LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY - assessment and evaluation

École Shakespeare offers consultation services for a wide variety of linguistic skills and training issues. Success in training begins with a complete evaluation of the individual’s needs and abilities. We use practical assessment tools and collaborate with you in the development of a general linguistic training plan. 

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